And the best Parisian baguette baker is…

…Djibril Bodrian from Le Grenier à Pain in Montmartre, 38, Rue des Abbesses. This was twitter news a couple of hours ago, now it’s officially confirmed. Bodrian was a runner-up in recent years already, finishing at least twice in the top ten. Today, the jury ranked his bread first out of 163 samples handed in by other Parisian bakers. For Bodrian the award means 4000 Euros of prize money, a good economic perspective for the coming weeks – and a lot of old fashioned honours.

He is entitled now to deliver his bread to the Elysée Palace (and he may dream of Carla Bruni munching his bread for breakfast). But whatever it is, this baker deserves it: making la meilleure baguette de Paris is nothing that happens to you by chance. There’s hard work involved and many years of experience needed. Bravo! We’ll test Bodrian’s bread on these pages soon…

Take a look behind the scenes of the competition with And check my earlier post about the event for yet another picture gallery.

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