Grand Véfour means grand spectacle…

…even if Guy Martin’s restaurant has lost its third Michelin-star some time ago. I’ve eaten there when he was still in three-star-heaven but already going down a bit. The ravioli filled with foie gras were nice though, as was the classic Poulet de Bresse. Don’t expect experiments in a restaurant founded in 1760!

Child of the revolution: Le Grand Véfour in Paris.

Here, the menu still reads like a poem of the good old bourgeois days, before the financial crisis, that is: Brittany lobsters, caviar, fat soles and frog legs, thick cuts of turbot, best lamb and pigeons, they’re all still there. And the house isn’t stingy with products and portions, it just expects you to be generous, too: 268 Euros (366 US$) for a Menu Plaisir, “c’est pas donné”, as they say in France.

The splendid decor and the show are free though. When I was dining here, the door opened once again late at night – and Nana Mouskouri popped in, surrounded by fans. She’s the Greek singer, you know, the one with the black-rimmed glasses. She ordered champagne, what else? Spending some subsidies of the European Union, I suppose. No, just joking.


  1. QQmeister

    Don’t know if you had Korean again ever since Fuzhou last summer, but here’s a great Korean food blog that teaches you the A-Z of pungent cooking (highly recommended for garlic lovers, such as myself). In case you were feeling a bit adventurous 🙂

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