Boost your children’s intelligence…

…by letting them handle real food! You won’t find a better primary school for them, will you? What could be more entertaining and educational than peeling shrimps? Kneading a dough? Tasting lemon juice? Stirring a soup? Where could you learn more about life than in your own kitchen? About grains and fish, about vegetables and herbs, about animals and plants, about spices and foreign cultures, about desire and disgust? About nature?

Small hands on food: let the children play.

Today, alas, in our industrialized countries, many children identify food with square dishes popping out of a microwave oven. They’re growing up in a prefab world and lose the connections between pork and schnitzel, between potatoes and French fries, fish fingers and fish, wheat and noodles, tomatoes and ketchup. So don’t you blame them for eventually occurring indecencies later on. People who don’t learn food won’t know it. And they miss an awful lot about life as a whole.

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