Simple food is very healthy…

…after a week in French Savoy. I keep it that way for the next days and I invite you to join me. Here’s a dinner prepared in 20 minutes or so, there’s some chopping and grating involved but then you have: carottes rapés, beetroot salad, cucumber delice, pan-fried salmon – and that’s it. Add lemon juice and olive oil to the carrots (and raisins?), mix a vinaigrette for the beetroot made of balsamico and walnut oil (and shallots? and nuts?), marry the cucumbers with yoghurt, a spoon of white vinegar and garlic (and mint?) and pan-fry the salmon on the skin (and glaze it? with honey? with soy sauce?). Bon appétit!

Fish, salads, you don't need more to be happy.

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