Try to find a good restaurant in Paris…

…with Google and the keywords “Paris restaurant”. You’ll get 51.7 million results and on top of it the website featured below, called: eatinparis. It boasts with a selection of 2200 restaurants, bistros, cafés and all seems to be well categorized. But don’t you dig deeper! Eatinparis abounds with errors, false tagging and utterly wrong judgements. The nice café you know so well is introduced as a “classic restaurant”, the bistro you prefer is labelled “trendy café”. Terrible Chinese eateries are top ranked, wonderful brasseries get bad grades, and the Top-Ten-list reads like a joke: Citrus Etoile? Bellini? Fellini? The best restaurants of Paris? You’re kidding.

2200 questions, no place to eat.

Yet it is THE top-ranked Google site for searching a place to eat in Paris! Imagine all the poor tourists roaming Paris with pale prints of eatinparis pages. Sitting in trendy cafés although they wanted to find a real restaurant. Taking a bistro for a bar and a brasserie for a night club…quite funny, actually.

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