Eating fish in the Alps…

…doesn’t really make sense, don’t you think? It’s the when-in-Rome-thing. Why would you want to eat, say, oysters on a snowy mountain summit? While you have a perfect local cheese at hand? Or a chunk of smoked bacon from a century-old supplier close by? Or some crude ham dried in the fresh air 1500 meters above sea level?

A fish dish in the Alps: not too bad, actually.

Well, I tell you why: if you only stick to local products in a region like French Savoy, you’ll gain ten pounds within a week. So tonight, on the third evening of my ski holidays, I had the fish dish you can see above. Looks terrible? I agree. But it was a good slice of reasonably fresh cod with a tapenade crust, served with a sauce vierge and some bulgur. Not so bad in the end, and the worst thing about it might be the photographic quality. Tomorrow night, we’ll have a real Fondue Savoyarde like the ones you might know from Asterix and Obelix. Bread crumbs on sticks drowned in melted mountain cheese. Very special indeed; very local; very cheesy.

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