Savoy is a region, not a hotel…

…even if you haven’t heard about it yet. I’ve arrived here tonight, in lovely Les Saisies, a village very close to the Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain, and I will spend a week here skiing – and eating, of course. This is the land of Beaufort and Reblochon, just to mention two fabulous cheeses, there’s some decent wine to drink, some original saucissons to chew. Tonight, I was happily taking pictures during dinner already – just to learn back in my hotel room that I’ve forgotten the camera cable back in Paris…

Right now, it's snowing: the "Calgary".

But I will use my smartphone to serve you from tomorrow on, photos included, and I swear they won’t look like the one above, chosen from the online catalogue my hotel offers. It’s the Calgary, a comfortable place, the owner here is a former Olympic champion, Frank Piccard. Many people all over Europe still know his name, he won a gold medal as a Super-G-racer and a bronze medal in the downhill competition. Guess where? In Calgary, of course, 1988.

Nowadays, he runs this hotel, a couple of sport shops and at the Calgary he has hired a decent cook, it seems. Even a sommelier is wandering around, referring to a thick wine list. Dinner tonight was promising. From tomorrow on I’ll let you know more.

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