You don’t know anything about butter…

…until you have tasted the grand Beurre Bordier by Jean-Yves Bordier. He’s a master of his art, a celebrity amongst France’s foodlovers, a Brittany based supplier of the best chefs throughout the country – and with reason. His butter has nothing in common with the industrial made bricks of fat you normally find in your supermarket. Each of Bordier’s pieces is an artefact, a product of refined handicraft, the result of labour based on tradition and century-old experience.

Pieces of art: Bordier butter on display in Paris.

Find out on Bordier’s website how it is done (and why it is so hilariously expensive!). Learn about the mythical expressions barratage and malaxage and then go hunting for your own piece of happiness. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a decent grocer who sells this butter drug…If not, well, next time in Paris then. Or in Brittany. See you!

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