In Paris, all about Schmid means…

…all about Alsace. You just walk out of beautiful Gare de l’Est in the 10th arrondissement, cross the street and you’re there: welcome to Schmid’s butcher boutique, specialités d’Alsace depuis 1904. Schmid has no website (at least I don’t find any), no fan page on Facebook, no twitter identity. Schmid belongs to the good old analogue world, where food wasn’t light but tasty. For sale are sausages of all kinds, a dozen variations or so, you’ll find rare pork cuts, smoked or crude, there’s paté en croûte, foie d’oie and choucroute (or sauerkraut) of course, – handled by the slightly overweight yet pretty girls behind the counter, smiling.

For this gentlemen the proof is in the sausage.

I can assure you, even if you’re not an Alsacien you’ll like it chez Schmid. And if you have not yet tasted choucroute, well, here is your point of first access. Some people say it’s just fermented cabbage. I don’t agree: it is, in fact, a whole world of its own. And it’s not for vegetarians.

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