Take cover, it’s Quick burgers everywhere…

…since the group has announced to become, well, sort of religious. In some of the fast food chain’s branches, in Argenteuil near Paris for example, they switch to only selling halal beef in the future. What is halal? It’s the muslim way of choosing, slaughtering, handling meat, quite similar to what the jews call kosher. Why would Quick go halal? Easy answer: to attract even more muslim clients or those of Arab origin. What’s the problem? That the French government has launched a debate about “national identity” where the halal thing perfectly fits in. So it’s politics and not so incredibly important. I’d say, that halal or not halal is not the question here. The real problem is Quick’n Toast, Long Fish, Suprême Cheese or whatever Quick’s other signature dishes might be called. If you don’t believe me, just look at their website! It’s a horror show!

French food, homemade by "Quick".

Or just look at this photo. And have in mind that the Quick slogan runs: Nous, c’est le goût, which means something like: “We are the taste”. Let me add: the taste of oily fries, shredded milk cows, industrial poultry and deep-frozen fish blocks. Served as happy meals in 346 Quick branches all over France with over 100 million burgers sold every year. So you care about French national identity? What about closing down Quick then?

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