Italian hangover…

I had invited some friends last night. We were 8 around the table, that’s the Chinese lucky number and the evening was alike: good vibrations, good talks, good wine (from Bordeaux, not very Italian, but the French wine-sellers aren’t really interested in “foreign” products, and if so, they overcharge you in an almost criminal manner).

During the day, I had prepared an Italian meal starting with home-made Antipasti (check out my new recipe section!), then Tagliatelle with a real Ragù Bolognese (simmering for 5 hours!), followed by a real veal roast and a wonderful (French) Charlotte prepared by my equally wonderful wife. The last thing I remember though is a bottle of Limoncello right in front of me…so you know the rest.

Today, I leave you with a very old, very important question about the competition of the titans, worse than King Kong vs. Godzilla. Here it comes:


  1. Ulli!!

    My god congratulations on your blog old sport! Sorry to have missed what sounds like a lovely meal ( are there any other kinds at yours and Martina’s gracious table?)…

    I ( of course) had to vote for Italy even though I’m a great admirer of french fare as well…I know you’ll understand…

    warm regards,

    ps- be careful with the limoncello…

  2. Being a member of the happy few, I had the privilege to test the France based german made italian diner! What a night and what a treat!
    Congrats Uli and Martina!!!!

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