Let us go then you and I…

…and explore the world of French Food Fools like me. We’ll have fun together on this page, if you

  • love good food
  • dream of Paris as a nice place to have it
  • are fed up with industrial ready-to-go “malbouffe”, as the French say
  • want to make the world a tastier place.

I’ll be strolling with you through Paris, having lunch here, having dinner there, cooking by myself or visiting street markets, bakeries, chocolate artists, starry chefs, and I’ll tell you stories about butchers who use hairdryers to make up their poultry on display. You’ll find out that Paris still is a crunchy, crispy, hungry capital of this world, stuffed with delicacies beyond imagination sometimes. So let’s start this expedition.

Today, I’ve been thinking about the French debate on wether the government should impose a ban on trading bluefin tuna. It would seem there are only pros, but perhaps there are some doubts, too: the Japanese are consuming 90 per cent of the worldwide tuna catch – now why don’t THEY change their way of life, at least a bit, instead of us banning all trade in tuna? I mean, what could happen now is that we ruin a big bunch of small producers in France, Italy, Northern Africa who have lived their culture since the beginning of the ages and arent’ really responsible for the extinction of that noble species…

And now here’s a question:


    • Gironeau

      I think there’s nothing wrong with eating hand-lined tuna. Perhaps it would be better to ban the export of bluefin tuna out of Europe?

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